Source Energy Alignment

The emotional body and the understanding of that vibration is how we are meant to create our reality as human beings. During the Source Energy Alignment we remove subconscious beliefs and blocks that prevent you from connecting to Pure Source so you can live aligned to your highest potential.

We are Light

I want you to know that all you have to do is remember, remember the love within ignited by your light. This sacred light is YOU. You are the light, you are PURE LOVE. When you feel despair and lost, remember and keep walking forward. Spirit is always with you, you are safe for you are not bound to your physical body, you ARE the light, the light that is.

What to expect


and clear all energy centers.


 all blocks that prevent you from connecting to Pure Source.


 all negative energies that don’t belong to you.


 Clear your mind and recharge your energy.

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