Trust in the Power of your Heart

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Personal Energy Alignment

The emotional body and the understanding of that vibration is how we are meant to create as human beings. During the Quantum Source Healing we remove subconscious beliefs and blocks that prevent you from connecting to pure source so you can live aligned to your I AM.

Intuitive Counseling

Receive personalized guidance from your spirit guides, angels and ascended masters. Each reading is unique to the person and will give you specific guidance in your life.

Business Energy Alignment

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) reveals a blueprint of your energy makeup

What People Are Saying

I have felt really different since the healing yesterday. I feel more settled, more clear, and more connected than ever. It has truly been life changing!


MSW and Hypnotherapist

My distance Quantum Reiki Reading session with Ana was not only very relaxing and healing, but informative as well. She was very accurate, the messages were in the phrases and wording that would have come out of my own mouth. I would definitely recommend Ana to anyone who would like to receive Quantum Reiki Energy Healing and Reading Session and bask in the beautiful radiant healing energies that she works with.


Marketing Specialist

Ana is amazingly gifted in her energetic healings and intuitive readings. I was blown away by the power of the Quantum Healing itself and the messages that came through in the reading that followed. There were aspects of my life that still needed healing that Ana was able to tap into. The messages and symbols that came through were accurate and really resonated with me. There were a couple surprise messages that I would not have become aware of without Ana’s guidance. I would highly recommend Ana’s services to anyone wanting to remove blocks and come into alignment with their true selves.


Certified Mindset Coach

Ana has an ability to love that is deeper than anyone I have ever met and I have met a lot of people. It is not her words, although her words have wisdom not in her life experiences, although she has many of those too that i am moved, it is in the simple act of being in her presence. When she is connected, something happens that not only opens her, but anyone who is in her presence. Her readings are hard to describe. They are a blend of prayer, psychic reading and deep love mixed together in a bam that soothes the soul. I cannot recommend her strongly enough.
Give yourself a treat, have a session. BeKind2Yourself buy her packages so that you can feel her love soothe you.

Author and Founder of BeKind2U Challenge

Ana led me on a truly amazing journey that brought so much peace. Without me telling her, she pinned the pain points, which were addressed in the healing. The messages were insightful, beautiful, and affirming. I am able to acknowledge my past/path from a better place now. Thank you. Ana!


Self Development Coach

Ana was amazing. She made me feel it was safe to tell her anything. She had great insight and for the first time, in as long as I can remember,  I felt like I celebrate being a woman. I felt validated and empowered.  She gave me suggestions with a purpose.  I feel motivated to follow through.  I am ready to be the woman I am. Thank you Ana.

Real Estate Agent

I loved the reading, I felt very special to be chosen and very inspired to do my version. You have a huge heart and it really comes through, I know you are going to be super succesful!


Reiki Master


Real Love

Real Love

We need to remember what real love is. Love is not something we learn, we simply feel it. Love is what we are.  It goes beyond the tinted definitions made by us all, based on our human experiences. Love is the highest creative force in the universe. Trust in the Power...

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Love is the Highest Creative Force in the Universe

Love is the Highest Creative Force in the Universe

What is love? Most people don't understand what love is. Society has gone viral, able to experience hate but is a different vibration. Reconciliation is necessary to join forces, for unity of thought to occur. Fear separates thought, love unifies it. We...

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